Friday, August 28, 2009

My Evening Entertainment!

I couldn't resist another peek at the baby doves. Their mom built her nest on the porch of the Purple Martin house.
The dragonflies are also prolific in my yard. This one was quite cooperative about being photographed. I would have liked a bit more light! I don't get home and out into the yard until late in the evening.
This Duranta is blooming despite the heat and very little rain. Eventhough I am a summer person, I am ready for some cooler fall-like weather. Summer isn't as much fun without lakes and ponds to swim in!
School is keeping me quite busy. I teach two pre-kindergarten classes. My morning group has 21 students, and my afternoon group has 19 students at this time. There was lots of crying the first two days--the kicking, screaming and trying to run away kind. I am so thankful to have a wonderful assistant. That was pretty exhausting. Most are coming in quite happily with big smiles now. A few cry for Mom and Dad's sake, but they stop as soon as we get to the room! I am SO glad it is Friday. I need some extra sleep desperately!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Two days of crying would be extremely exhausting to me. You must have lots of patience! Hope you get a little peace next week. Mimi

  2. How sad for those little ones. My son went to preschool at not quite 3 1/2 and he went kicking and screaming all the way. The first day I sat outside the preschool crying for 2 hours waiting for him to come out.
    What lovely flowers, and the little doves kinda look like ducklings, at least in that picture anyway. They got so big so fast.
    Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs, Loretta

  3. Loilee~
    Those tiny baby doves are just adorable! I think my duranta are starting to bloom now. They ae so pretty!
    Hope all of the little ones are adjusting to preschool and that you had a restful weekend! Sounds like teaching preschool could be both exhausting and gratifying.

  4. Hi Lorilee...I took my son to preschool at age 3, with tears in my eyes, and as I let go of his hand, he took off to be the first to ride the shiny red tricycle...he never looked back...I knew right then, he would be okay! I don't know the nature of doves, but we have doves that build a nest in one of my hanging baskets every year, and sometimes twice in the same year. I always watch them from birth to flight...somehow, I feel like I'm their mom!

  5. Love the Doves. I have had tons of Dragonflies in my garden this year. I wonder why?

    Now go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!


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