Monday, August 31, 2009

Umm, yes we're related!

I was relaxing in my backyard this evening, while keeping an eye on the chickens with my laptop and found a few pictures in the "archives" to share! After having one chicken taken by a bobcat while I was letting them wander in the yard, I try to keep a pretty close eye on them. I nearly dropped my laptop when one of them thought my little toe looked tastey! OUCH! This was my brother's safe! I guess he was worried about that Lone Star stealing armadillo.(old commercial) I prefer wine! Hmm, hold on while I pour a glass! mmm Woodbridge moscato!
This is my "baby" brother with his precious kitty, Gottlieb. He is named after our great-grandfather. He also calls the cat "fat juicey". Go figure! My "baby" brother is 6' 2" and I am 5' 2"--again, go figure!
Here is "baby" brother again. We were tearing down an old house on some of my Dad's property. He was taking a break!

Yes, that is him again-on my roof. I think he was helping me get a load of crushed granite with his truck. Now he setting a fine example for the youngsters!
Yikes! Husband and two sons swimming in the tank at the ranch! There was no swimming this year. The tank was dried up from the drought.
Who knew that my oldest son could double dutch? I don't remember what got us started jumping rope at this family gathering? My brother and sister-in-law are the rope turners.
How about this for an April Fool's cake. Litter Box Cake! Tootsie Rolls heated in the microwave can be stretched to lend the litter box authenticity. They can also burn fingers! No rhyme, reason or even a point. How is that for a post?
Ya'll come back but don't expect a point.


  1. My great grandfather's name was Gottlieb too. Are we related? Kind of a gross cake. My kids would probably love it. Mimi

  2. I've actually had Litter Box Cake before and it's quite yummy - if you can get past the 'tootsie rolls' lol which I don't eat anyway. I had to take mine off the cake to be able to eat it without barfing LOL

  3. What an entertaining post full of excitement! I was just browsing bottle trees from Tina's post for today!

  4. I screamed out loud when I saw that last photo! I love cake and I love cats, but I'm not sure about that cake! DO post the recipe, pleaaassseee! I'm not sure if my family would eat it, but I'd get a laugh out of serving it!

  5. OMG! That cake looks too real like the litter box. LOL. I don't think my bunch would touch it, however, pleaeese share the recipe. I would definitely have to hide it from Sophie as she may think its her box. LOL

    Irma :)

  6. Lorilee,

    You always look like you're having so much fun at your house! I want to join in.

    Your little brother reminds me a lot of my brother I lost 3 years ago.


  7. No rhyme or reason needed, Lorilee- this was still a great post!
    Your brother is a hoot!


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