Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Idle Hands? NOT

I thought I would share one of my hobbies. It is called Swedish Weaving or Huck Weaving. According to my pattern booklet, it became popular in America in the 1940's. The stitching only shows on the front of the fabric. Traditional Swedish Weave designs are usually mirror images, both top to bottom and side to side. It requires a special fabric called Huck Toweling much like counted cross-stitch requires Aida cloth. It is easy and doesn't require a great deal of concentration. This makes it ideal while watching T.V.. I have a Leisure Arts booklet with 12 designs. The above design is called "Waterfall".

This design is called "Heart Chain".

This design is "Wheat". I have done a few others, but I no longer have the towels. They were given as gifts. I've also dabbled in plastic canvas, counted cross-stitch, candlewicking, traditional embroidery, and Brazilian dimensional embroidery. I've tried lots of things, but mastered none!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Oh Lorilee that is gorgeous. I've never heard of Huck weaving. It doesn't look easy at all but you did such a beautiful job! I think I like the heart chain pattern the best. I'm not good at stiching at all. Loretta

  2. What a fun hobby! They are beautiful. I may have to look into learning how to do that. It looks like lots of fun. I love to have busy work to do when watching tv! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. Your handwork is beautiful. I just recently took up embroidery and am loving it. I can hardly wait to learn other types of needlework as well now. Now that I have seen your lovely projects, I will add Huck Weaving to my "to learn list".

  4. These are really pretty! I hadn't heard of this before. I used to do cross-stitch, too, but that's been several years ago. Patti

  5. I do the weaving an wonder if you are at liberty to say where I can find the Leisure Arts book you used? Website or store?

  6. How do I obtain the book with the pattern Heart Chain, or just that pattern? karenrg4@comcast.net


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