Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poultry Party?

What, you may ask, is going on? The girls are having a dust bathing party! Eventhough the whole chicken run is dirt, this corner has the best dirt!

This went on for some time with much clucking and fluffing.

I believe there is a total of five chickens in that chaos.

That must be an important feather that needs adjusting! Kinda makes me appreciate hands.

Ya'll Come Back!



  1. LOL.
    Goodness, thought they were all dead. Whew, glad they were only taking a dust bath. That helps keep the mites off them.

  2. Aren't they fun? I just love chicken keeping. Yours look to be beautiful and healthy.

  3. The quail in our yard love their dirt baths...sure fun to watch.

  4. I do have the website for the pattern if you want it. It's www.funkycountry.com I think I linked it a few posts back. But you could just make your own pattern. I don't think it would be very hard. I did add the words at the top so that it would fit better in a standard 8 x 10 frame. We have quail in our yard that act just like those chickens. Mimi

  5. That last picture is so funny. What a great shot.

  6. I love to watch chickens taking a bath too, Lorilee- they can really kick up the dirt!


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