Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pattern Collecting!

I guess I should call myself a pattern collector. I don't sew all that much, but I have quite a few patterns. Hobby Lobby has their Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents each-limit 10. Hey! I only bought five! These tote bags are cute. The outer part can be interchangable.
Of course, I couldn't resist anything about aprons! Miniature aprons--how cute!

Vintage aprons are so awesome!

Even the pattern envelope looks vintage! Cool!
SIGH! Little aprons for little girls! I think we should start young! I also looked at fabric because I am thinking about new curtains in my living room. I have to go back to work on August 13, and I am STILL working on 2 casserole carriers and the tutorial I promised. I think I am running out of time! I guess there's always next summer.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I need to get to Hobby Lobby and get some apron patterns for the little girls.

    Thanks for the tip.


  2. I really wish I could figure out the whole sewing thing, so I could make some neat stuff! I'm just stopping by to say hello!

    Petals and Pine

  3. Oh boy. I guess I am a pattern collecter too. In fact, I have 3 of those same patterns that you have pictured. I have boxes and boxes of patterns, and I am just learning to sew. I also have a huge stash of fabric just waiting to be used. I think this may be an inherited disease. I got it from my mother, except she was a professional seamstress and actually used the stuff instead of just hoarding it like me!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the patterns. I can't pay the high regular price. They are so expensive nowadays. Love your little chicken dish. Mimi

  5. I love the little mini apron patterns! So cute!!! Thanks for visiting & yes, that cute house DID have a for-sale sign in the yard. So did a lot of others in that neighborhood, which is sad because I guess it's a sign of the times with the economy & all. I'll be posting the rest of my cottage drive-by photos soon, so please stop by again. Patti

  6. That is quite a deal patterns for 99 cents! I like to sew, as long as things are running smoothly. I hate making mistakes and having to take out stitches! I will be back to see the casserole carries.

  7. I especially love the apron patterns! I have a whole huge box of patterns (same deal, bought on sale). I love to look at them, but never sew any; I keep promising myself I'll make some aprons with my vintage fabric, but it hasn't happened yet!

  8. Oh boy- I'm a Pattern-a-holic, too, Lorilee! I'll never live long enough to sew all the patterns I have now, but I just keep on buying and buying... have you ever shopped for them on ebay? Do yourself a favor and DON'T GO THERE! LOL


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