Thursday, July 16, 2009

Woo Hoo 66% off!

I love it when Hobby Lobby has sales! I have been pining for a gazing ball for some time. I just couldn't spend the money on something breakable with a 14 year-old -BOY still around. I fell for this one. Since it has extra mirrored glass over the original blown glass ball, I hope it is a little harder to break too! The urn is not an official gazing ball stand, but it was on sale and seems to fit OK. I do have to dump water out of it IF it rains. That hasn't happened, but I have used the sprinkler. I'm using sprinklers DAILY. Please send rain!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Ooooh- it's beautiful, Lorilee!

  2. Sooo pretty. Very brave of you with a 14 year old son in the vicinity.

  3. Hobby Lobby does have some great sales. I will gladly send you some of our rain. We get hit with a storm at least twice a week, which is quite unusual here. We can't even keep our yards mowed. We are switching back and forth between cold and wet, and hot and steamy. Not your typical summer at all. Hope you get your rain soon.

  4. Cool Ball.....I'm MAKING one like that that isn't really breakable. I'll blog about it next week. I bought an old bowling ball for $2 and then covered it with broken mirror pieces (that I got for free at the mirrow/window store in the neighborhood!)

    Hope ya'll get some rain soon....!WE desperately need it too!

  5. Lorilee,

    I saw those and thought about buying one but I was afraid mine would get broken.

    I have one now that is stainless steel. That's probably the best with grandchildren.



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