Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chase the Chicken!

The other day, after getting Brian from school and stopping off for haircuts, I arrived home to check on the girls. Oprah was running around with a dead sparrow in her beak. Aretha and Ethel were chasing her trying to get it! They stopped chasing her so she set it down try to eat on it--Yuck! They saw this and came running. Aretha managed to grab it and run with the others after her now! This game continued for some time. I have noticed that the sparrows have discovered the "chicken scratch" that I scatter in the pen for the girls. I would love to have seen them catching the sparrow!
Ya'll Come Back Now!


  1. I never though about a chicken killing a bird. But then, I never thought about my cat killing squirrels, either. One evening Eddie yelled at me to come out in the back yard, and there was my tiny little Gracie, all 5 lbs of her, dragging a dead squirrel almost as big as her across the yard. I nearly fainted; I am a wimp!

  2. OK the chickens eating the bird sounds gross but I was cracking up the names of your chickens and I could picture the whole the thing in my head. To funny!


  3. Lorilee,

    It almost seems like an episode of a cartoon show. Chickens chasing sparrows! Sparrows used to drive me crazy when I mowed grass at our farm growing up. They would buzz me and the mower. I finally wore a hat cause they kind of freaked me out.



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