Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poultry pest control!

I've been letting the girls out for a short time most days. They love it. Each time one of them finds something interesting, the rest come running! Yikes! They are also pretty easily startled. I guess that is where calling an easily frightened person "chicken" comes from!
Has anyone seen a bug? Hmm let's see Ethel is leading the way, followed by Aretha, Oprah with Lucy bringing up the rear! I guess they've had enough exploring for awhile. They are heading back to Cackleberry Cottage. This is my vegetable garden area--currently weeds and a few herbs!

Ya'll Come Back Now! cluck cluck



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  3. They're so lovely! Sometimes I wish I could have chickens... having grown up in the country I really miss their sounds.


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