Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on Lucy!

Lucy seems to be getting better. She is walking around, although stiffly and not much! She has eaten a little. I hope she is getting enough. I bought some spray from the feed store to put on her wounds today. It is supposed to aid in healing and keep flies away. I am SO worried that the bobcat will return. I just read that they can jump a 12 foot fence. Our yard fence is 4 feet, and the chicken run fence is 6 feet. I WISH it was covered! We are also a bit concerned about our dogs, since they are small. I won't be home much to take care of her tomorrow. We have a faculty meeting after school. I will probably have to go straight to the stadium for Brian's football game. I probably won't get home until after dark. I am hoping my sweety will check on her for me.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Ohhh.....
    I`m so deeply saddned to hear about what has happened to lovely Lucy...
    I hope that she will get better soon!
    It must have been quite shoking for you and your loved ones to withness it...
    By the way... it seems that I have missed a couple of your lovely posts... specially the most important one!
    I wish you a Belated Birthday!
    I love your gifts that your wonderful husband surprised you with!
    We are both very lucky to have wonderful hubbies.
    I`m off now, but, please do let me us know how Lucy is doing soon!

    Debbie moss

    (From England)

    P.S - By the way... Thanks for the lovely comment regarding "My Photo."

  2. Oh My, poor Lucy! What a blessing she was spared!!! Hope she has a speedy recover!



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