Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Evening With Spirits!

On Saturday evening, my husband, and I went to Evergreen Cemetery for "Going to the Light" sponsored by Victoria Preservation Inc.. We wandered around until the tour began.
I have always been fascinated by cemeteries. It is one of the many interests I inherited from my Mom.
I thought this edging was interesting. It looks "homemade". As darkness fell, the tour began. We stopped at the graves of numerous spirits of past citizens of our city! They shared the stories of their lives.
I believe this was the spirit of Judge John L. Dupree.

This is the spirit of artist J. Ferdinand McCan. The volunteer "Spirits" did a spooktacular job sharing the highlights of the lives of the citizens from the past! I think David and I will make this a tradition as long as V.P.I. continues the tours.

Ya'll Come Back Now!



  1. I always thought it a little odd about myself, but I love cemetaries. I guess I'm not alone. Something about the stillness that hangs heavy in the air with the possibility of so much history.

  2. I don`t think I would have the guts to stay there until it got dark!
    Sorry... I`m such a big softie!
    But, I too love to see the history of the cemetery... and the sinistry of it all!
    As long as it is during the day!Lol
    Debbie Moss

  3. I knew there were cemetery fans out there...this one looks pretty (and interesting too!)


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