Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Friday evening and Saturday!

I stayed at a Hunter's Education class with my son and his friend on Friday evening and most of the day Saturday. The class is required by the State of Texas for all hunters born after 1971, I believe. Passing the course, allows the person to hunt alone. My son will still not be hunting alone because I don't feel he is quite ready to be alone with a firearm. But, the class definitely taught all of us plenty! My nephew and my brother's fiance also took the course. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors. We sat under a grove of pine trees--perfect napping conditions! It was really hard to stay awake after lunch! The down side is that my house is still dirty and so is the laundry!
My son is the tall one on the right. His friend, Cody is on the left. My nephew, Devin, is standing in front of Cody. My brother's fiance, Theresa, is in front of Brian.
Ya'll Come Back Now!

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