Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Redneck Side!

This photo just screams Redneck to me! The boys are my nephews and my youngest son in the middle! This was taken after swimming in the tank, after a full day of HOT work!

The promise of an evening swim is often what gets us though a hot work day! The boys just tossed a younger cousin into the water. If no one tosses him in, he just tosses himself into the water!

Trixie is also excited about the evening swim! Of course, she gets excited about ANY water!The boys are about to begin to earn that evening swim!A wheel barrow can be a pretty comfortable place to enjoy those popsicles while taking that break from hard work!If you are tired enough, the concrete is even comfy enough for a nap!

Ya'll Come Back Now!



  1. Bless his heart, that is one tired boy in that last photo! Be sure to save the first photo to embarrass the boys with when their girlfriends come over!

  2. I think everybody has a little redneck in them. I enjoyed seeing your family adventures. Water skiing...that is fabulous. The Evening with Spirits looked like fun.

  3. Those boys are so cute and they might have a little redneck in them. My oldest son (38) just decided to start hunting crows. He's bought decoys and the whole nine yards. I think he and your boys would get along great!



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