Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garden Decor!

I love to have pretty things in my garden along with my plants and flowers. I thought I would share a few of my non-living garden pretties! This is a bat that I found in a catalog. There is a legend that these bats keep away the evil spirits. I can never resist a bird! This one sits on a concrete bench in the garden area behind my "barn". It is a good place for viewing my bats leaving the bat house in the evenings! I found this chicken at Tuesday Mornings! This little collection started with the cross in the center that we bought at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The outer two crosses were bought during our anniversary trip to Gruene Texas. They were being sold at a booth on Market Days. They are made carved from stone.

The enamel bowl was given to me by a dear friend, and it hangs near the back door on the patio. Tree frogs like to hang out under it.

After reading the book Rabbit Hill to my oldest son when he was younger, I knew I wanted a statue of St. Francis in my garden. My husband gave this one to me.
A friend and ex-neighbor gave us this Texas shaped stepping stone. He and his father cut it out. I have it in an area surrounded by pavers just inside one of the side yard gates. It is definitely dry when the mondo grass doesn't even look very good!
I scavenged this window frame from an old building that my Dad is tearing down on some of his property. I painted and distressed it and then had mirror cut to fit. You can see my doggy, Honey, in the reflection. The Texas stepping stone is also located within the pavers in the reflection.

Several years ago, I attended the Rockport Hummer/Bird Celebration in September. A man was selling these at a vendor booth. He made them! I love the way the nostrils are the entrance hole.

Frederick is the newest addition to our yard. We found him this summer while on vacation in Fredericksburg, Texas. He stands guard outside my "barn" door. (It is really just a garden shed.)

Ya'll Come Back Now!



  1. I love all your things..what a wonderful garden you must have..

  2. You have such cute things in your yard (I'm kind of freaked by the bat though). I love the state of Texas. How cool is that?


  3. Oh... They are soo cute!
    My favorite is the little birdie!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I wish you and your loved ones a WONDERFUL WEEKEND, my sweet FRIEND!

    Many Kisses and Hugs
    Debbie Moss


  4. I love your treasures! I would love to have one of those windows with a mirror in it. I use to live within a mile of Gruene, by the way.


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