Friday, October 24, 2008

Rocking HI Ranch, the Intro!

Opening weekend for White-tail deer season is next week. We will have to give up Halloween this year if we go to Rocking HI Ranch for Opening Weekend. Since Brian is a 5 foot 9 inch 13 year old with a deep voice, I don't think he needs to go Trick-or-Treating! He might feel otherwise! He mentioned something about inviting a bunch of his friends over to our backyard for a campfire Halloween night. I think heading out to the Ranch is definitely a better plan! About 18 years ago, my Dad's dream came true when he was able to purchase property for cattle and hunting! We named it Rocking HI Ranch, since HI is my Dad's cattle brand. It has been a tradition get together to hunt Opening Weekend (white-tail deer). First it was my Dad, Mom, brothers and my oldest son and myself. (My husband does not hunt) After my mom passed away(10 yrs ago), just my dad, myself, my youngest son and Dad's dog went for Opening Weekend! Last year, it was a bigger "crowd". My Dad, stepmom, Barb, my nephews, Devin and Walker along with my youngest son and myself. In the photo, Pop, Barb, Brian and Walker are heading out to their deer blinds. Devin and I will be walking to the nearest blind. At this point, an adult always hunts with each boy. Brian likes to hunt with Grandma Barb because she takes food with her! Pop is more of a minimalist hunter. He only takes his gun, binoculars, flashlight and cell phone. I take binoculars and my camera!! After deer season, we buy pork and make venison pork sausage! (A future post)
This photo was not taken during deer season! This is the stock tank that Pop had dug at Rocking HI Ranch. We named it Skinny Dip Place. We also named all of the "roads"(using that term loosely) Some of the roads are Happy Trail, Bunny Crossing, Quail Crossing, Snake Lane, Dusty Trail, Shady/Spooky Lane,and Country Club Drive. There is an area of larger trees that we call Sherwood Forest. We use the stock tank for swimming and fishing. Pop stocks it with catfish. The cattle are fenced out of the area unless we are there. We don't want them in the water doing their "thing"! We also built a floating pier for swimming and fishing from. We have a mount in the center for a patio umbrella on the pier along with a catfish feeder on a timer. Last summer, we built a large metal building at the Ranch. Pop and Barb keep their camper parked inside now. The plan is to build a camp room in one corner. We started the building by building forms and running electrical and water lines in the early summer. It was a very rainy summer, and pouring the concrete kept getting postponed until July 31. That was probably THE most hot and tired I have ever been! July is not the optimal month for outdoor projects in South Texas. The photo shows my brothers doing the "skreeting" My Dad and Brian are spreading concrete while nephew, Willie, watches. Before the day was over, he was IN the concrete too!

My Dad and my baby brother are putting up the first roof beam. We used Dad's Zetor front end loader as a lift. My brother built an actual basket for his John Deere for people to stand in to work! It was cool!

The first sheet of tin is finally going up! My Dad and brother, Steven are on the ground. My brother, Brandon is on the ladder.

Yippee! All of the side tin is up. Now for the roof!
Most Saturdays, we worked until we could no longer see! We worked on the roof all day! Pictured are my brother, Brandon, his son, Willie and myself. This was our first experience building this type of building! We are familiar with wood framed buildings and fences!

Ya'll Come Back Now!



  1. That's really like the old time barn raising. Real country living!

  2. I was just about to say the SAME THING as Brenda! What a wonderful family you have to all pitch in and do this! You are very fortunate that your Dad has this place for the family to gather! Thanks for stopping by today Lorilee!

  3. That was such an wonderful post!
    You are very lucky to have such a close family... although I`m very sad to hear about the loss of your mother!
    I`m sure that she would be very P.R.O.U.D of you all!
    Debbie Moss



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