Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Missing Harley!

Brenda at View in the Pines recently posted some wonderful photos of her kitties. They made me miss my sweet kitty Harley. (Named because he purred like a Harley Davidson motorcycle). We found him at our local Humane society. We decided we should get a kitten instead of a grown cat because of our 3 dogs. We felt a young cat would adapt to dogs better than an adult cat! They only had 2 kittens in a cage-a solid black cat and an orange cat with white feet. The lady opened the door and the black cat backed into the corner and hissed at us. The orange kitten came to the edge of the cage. When I stepped closer, he climbed out onto my shoulder and started purring in my ear. Needless to say, he came home with us! He slept on my pillow at night against my ear.

He was such a loving kitty. We joked that he was more like a dog personality in a cat body. He disappeared on Christmas Eve in 2007. He spent much of his time indoors, but he also went outside for several hours at a time. This is Harley with my oldest son.

I love this photo of Brian( my youngest) with Harley.

Of course, a cat always adds the finishing touch to a garden!

Any time the fountain was not running, he claimed the top tier as his throne!

Definitely no high blood pressure stress issues here! Harley I miss your sweet purring nuzzles.


  1. So sad, I know you must miss him; he's so handsome. Well, maybe Santa needed his help and he hopped on the sleigh and now lives at the north pole. You never really get over losing a pet, I know, each time I lose one, I swear I'll never get attached to another, but I do.

  2. What a beautiful cat and a nice memorial. Are you thinking about gettting another cat?

  3. ahhhh, reading this made me think of my white kitty called daisy. she used to talk to me and follow me like one of the children and I really miss her.

  4. I love orange kitties. Looks like Harley had an extra long tail. I know you miss him. It's so hard to lose a pet. Mimi

  5. What a sweet, wonderful cat! I know you miss sweet Harley. Did he ever get surprised while sitting on the fountain??? He didn't look too worried....LOL!

  6. If there is a heaven, I hope I'll see all my pets there again. I definitely want to meet Harley there, too.

  7. Aww Harley was indeed a beautiful cat. I currently have 4 pussycats, but have also lost 4 in the past 5 years and also a dog so I know just how you feel. My cats are my babies, they are just like little people and I miss the ones who have gone before. Maybe Harley has met up with them and they are having a blast, that would be nice X


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