Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teen trio of trouble!

Saturday afternoon remained fairly quiet! I washed countless loads of laundry, vacuumed and mopped the floors. It felt good to get that done. In the evening, the teen-agers multiplied again. They come out at night like mosquitoes! I could tell they were up to something because one of them was carrying a backpack. I then realized they were filling water balloons. They told me that they were going to text their friend Suzanne to tell her to come outside and then blast her. Since she and a friend have toilet papered our tree, I didn't mind! My sweety then tells me they have a "launcher" and are lobbing them from our driveway to Suzanne's house a block down the street! Poor babies are exhausted this morning!
Later, as I am cleaning up in the kitchen, I realize that the water is draining from the sink very slowly. I had already found several empty water balloons in the sink. I assumed they had lost more and left them in the disposal. Not wanting to ruin the disposal, I looked inside. I found a filled water balloon. I fished it out with my kitchen tongs. Somehow, I don't think that one just slipped out of their hands and into my disposal. Could they be hoping I will start the disposal and burst the balloon?

AHHH,and there is the label from the water balloon slingshot they were using. They would never get far as criminals. They leave a trail that is easier to read than a book.

Phooey, they are awake. I wanted to put the water balloon into the shoe of the perp that brought them over!! Maybe the opportunity will still present itself!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. You might not believe this but you're gonna miss them when they move out. Mimi

  2. I think in Mama juggling you are going to get the prize for managing to clean the house and manage the boy zoo.
    Roberta Anne

  3. ROFL! Ahhhh...brings back fond memories! :)

    At least they used biodegradable balloons! HAHAHAHA!

  4. That's sounds like you had a fun this weekend with a houseful of boys!

  5. I'm adding you to my blogroll. I need to find out what teenagers do so I'll be prepared in 7 years.


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