Friday, February 13, 2009

Young Love

The teenager wanted to get his girlfriend a Valentine gift. After picking up the teenager and 2 of his friends from school, we went to H.E.B. Plus. After much conversation and deliberation, he ended up choosing a denim heart box of candy, a bunch of pink balloons and pink Gerbera daisies. It was quite a "trip" walking through the store with 3 boys each carrying one of these items! We also had to get Pepperoni Pizza hot pockets to keep their strength up!
Aren't they cute! They tried to hide my camera, and I had to convince them they would enjoy photos of the adventure!

The blonde hair belongs to me! I was pretty much just pointing the camera behind me while at traffic lights!

Mmm, those balloons make me think of Strawberries and Cream!

I was instructed to be ready for a quick get-away! The plan was to leave the gift on the porch, and then text her to go to the door!

The smitten teen (in the green striped shirt, on the porch) is still making final adjustments. I'm not sure what inspired the cartwheel!

The deed is done!
As I am taking this photo, I am hearing, " GO, GO, HURRY! MOM GO!" The latest intel is that the gift was well-appreciated.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I hope my boys include me in their lives like this. How fun for you. Great kids.

  2. Love meets modern technology. OK, in THIS instant, texting is a good thing. I love the denim look on the box of chocolates. Happy V Day.

  3. What fun, Mom and how nice your boys include you.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    --from Roberta Anne

  4. Teenagers are funny creatures, aren't they!

  5. What a sweet post. You are a great mom to help orchestrate such a cute valentine drop and run. :)

  6. That is so sweet. How adorable! What a sweet son you must have. Thanks for your comment! Kelly

  7. It sorta makes me wish I was a teen again, but then I remember it isn't all flowers, balloons and candy. There's a whole lotta angst, too.

  8. ahhhh, what great t
    Did the young lady like the gifts xx t

  9. Yes, he CAN be sweet when he wants to. He can also be rotten! Also, he kinda had to include me since I had the money, and none of them can drive yet! An update. The young lady found her gift. She and a group of friends showed up at our house later in the evening. I did not see them, but the boys all made a beeline outside at one point. Brian came back in to brush his teeth! He received a sweet soft white teddy bear with a red bow.

  10. Oh what sweet boys you have. I would have been thrilled to find gifts like that on my doorstep too. Love the balloons X


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