Sunday, November 2, 2008

Heidi has disappeared!

Our 16-year-old terrier mix, Heidi, has been missing since October 30. She is a bit arthritic and hard of hearing! We've searched, but we have found no sign of her. One thought is that our hungry bobcat returned. We have been very careful about leaving our other two dogs, Honey and Lexi out in the backyard.
Ya'll Come Back Now!


  1. Poor Heidi, how terrible. Is there anything the county will do about ridding you of the bobcat? How sad, it would just kill me to lose one of my babies like that. But if he's been there once, he'll likely keep coming back. I hate killing, but I'd be trying to find a way to get rid of that bobcat!

  2. Oh Lorilee, how sad. I'm so sorry for Heidi. Definitely see if you can get rid of the bobcat. I also don't like the idea of killing wild animals, but then it does seem so unfair on your poor animals to have a Bobcat lurking about.

  3. oh no, I hope you find her.


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