Monday, September 1, 2008

Cheeky Cowboy!

I actually took these photos last summer! This summer the swimming hole was too dry for swimming. As you can see by the rod and reel, it is also a fishing hole. It was stocked with catfish until it became so dry that they all died. My whole family gets together to fish, swim and hunt at the Rocking HI Ranch, as we call it. My Dad's cattle brand is HI. My nephew had just gotten out of the water. His diaper was soaked, so it was removed. It was then discovered that the diaperbag had been left at the camper or Headquarters! He didn't mind a bit!
While the swimming hole is dry, my Dad is planning to have it re-dug. Hopefully, all will work out and we can get it re-stocked and be fishing and swimming again next summer! It makes those work parties he likes to have out there a lot more fun if there is a place to cool off! He has been hinting at having a road cleaning party before deer season begins. This means trimming overhanging branches so the pick-up can get through without getting scratched. He says that right now, only the Mule can get through most of the roads. Oh, and I use the term road loosely. I am just referring to a shredded trail through the cleared brush! Last summer, we had numerous barn building parties! The barn is a 14 foot tall, 20 by 40 foot metal building. The family dug trenches, put in plumbing and ran electricity. We used my brother's John Deere and Pop's Zetor to lift the beams and us! Ooops, I degress. I'll have to share more of that fun another time!
As you might can tell, I just figured out that I can put photos INTO a post. haha! Feel free to point out the obvious any time! Thank you for visiting.


  1. Now that is too too cute! Of course this is going into a photo album, someday to be shown to his girlfriend(s) ?
    We are hot here but not dry, sigh.
    The swamp is so full the 'gators are coming up out of the ditches :)

  2. That photo is priceless!
    You can also make the type larger on your post (the bar across the top as you are composing, where you click to download the photos). Larger type is a lot easier on the eyes, at least for me.

  3. Those photos are just too cute and boy is he going to be ticked when he is about 16!


  4. Cool photo of the clothes line and clothes pin!!


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