Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life gets busy and I've been tagged!

I haven't been able to post for a few days! On Monday, I had to run errands, and then stayed busy into the evening. On Tuesday, my 13-year-old had an out-of-town football game. He only played some of the first quarter because he was "clobbered" by an opposing team member! He was benched the rest of the game with an ice pack. It was nothing serious, and he is back to annoyingly normal today! The photo shows him sitting on the far left with his Paw Paw next to him. (my dad) I have more to share, but I haven't been home long enough in daylight to take the photos I need!

Also, I've been tagged by Tracey at to share 6 strange and quirky things about myself! There is nothing strange and quirky about me. I am perfectly normal in every way!! haha!

1. I live in town in a subdivision, and I have 4 pet chickens-hence the name of my blog. My dad called eggs cackleberries.

2. I have a bathouse with over 100 bats in my backyard. This spring, I had newborns falling out, and I would pick them up, climb a ladder and put them back.

3. I have been learning to clog.

4. I like to eat peanut butter and dill pickle slice sandwiches.

5. I help skin deer and hogs after hunting trips.

6. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.(I'm not sure if I should admit this one.)

Now to tag 6 more bloggers.

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  1. Oh, no, nothing quirky about you, you little bat girl! Thanks for the tag, I'm gonna get it done tonight before bed.

  2. I wouldn't mind trying my hands in having chickens in my yard. Fresh eggs! Too bad the HOA and neighbors would kill me. ;)

  3. Lorilee- you commented on my blog over 2 weeks ago. I saved the email to respond and time got away from me! Anyhooo....I'm glad I saved the link to your blog. You are so talented!! What can you NOT do? ;o) Bats freak me out, but I kind of ooohed and ahhed over your baby bats! I've never seen a baby bat before!


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