Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Letters and Spray Paint

Several days ago, I showed my blogging buddies the letters that I had scavenged from our neighborhood sign demolition! The letters were originally a bright gold. My first plan was to paint them flat black, but then I saw the hammered copper spray paint at the store. I decided to give it a try. First, I lightly sanded the letters. I sprayed the one on the right with a copper hammered paint directly over the gold. The letter on the left, I painted flat black first, and then I sprayed it with the hammered copper paint. I like both of them. My son opted for the black with hammered copper method for his "B".

Here it is hanging in his bedroom. His bedroom is painted with 2 shades of a denimy blue. First I painted the walls the lighter shade of blue. Then I mixed the darker shade with the glaze. I painted the glaze mixture on the wall a section at a time and then pressed thin paper that I had wadded and wrinkled up onto the wall to remove some of the darker shade. I would not do a whole room with this method again. It made my arms and hands very sore!
Ya'll Come Back Now!


  1. A nice trash to treasure!
    I did a small room in a similar fashion, never again. Your room looks very nice.
    The bread pudding looks great. I love bread pudding and chocolate. So it is a win win for me!

  2. Great job! It will look perfect!

    Have a great day, Lorilee!


  3. The wall looks fantastic; it was worth the effort.
    I love the color of copper. For a while I painted everything black, but now I'm starting to favor copper and bronze.

  4. Oh No!
    My computer is playing up...
    It`s only showing the lovely painted letters... and doesn`t show your son`s bedroom!
    The same thing on my blog...
    I will come again soon... to see the painted blue walls ...
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)

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