Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Accidental Decorating!

Folks probably think I am just "saying" that I have the Christmas boxes down from the attic. I was REALLY up there digging around. While up there, I noticed this box pushed back behind some tubs! I couldn't remember what was in it, and it looked OLD! "Undies"! Who puts that on packages these days? I pulled it out, opened it, and promptly forgot about the rest of the boxes I was supposed to be getting! It held about a dozen vintage Christmas corsages! I think they belonged to my Granny. Strange thing is, I don't remember putting them in my attic! I guess that brain cell died!

The corsages are so pretty! My sweety thought I had lost my mind as I danced around gleefully after bringing them down from the attic. He was busy with really important things like putting new fender flares on his "girl". Can you believe he refers to a jeep as his "girl"?My purpose for climbing into the attic was forgotten! I carefully lifted out each corsage, squishing a few silverfish as I went! icky. Several possibilities for using them to decorate fluttered through my mind. Hmm, should I use them to decorate yet another small tree? Maybe I should pull out my covered cake pedestal and place them inside. What about that apothecary jar that holds the beginnings of my wine cork collection? I finally settled on placing them among my Depression Glass collection. Much of it also belong to my Granny.

The ladies who made these were good! They removed hangers and glued each mini glass ball to a pipe cleaner before including it in the corsage. We can go to the local hobby store and get sprigs already prepared. I love the different color themes used.

Red and silver.

Gold and silver.
More red and silver.

Red and white.

Blue and white.
I have a few more, but the photos were blurry! It was getting dark, and the lighting wasn't good! I guess a failing memory is good for some nice surprises!
Ya'll Come Back! I'll be trying to get better photos of the rest of my sweet corsages. I will also be decorating soon, I promise!


  1. How wonderful to be able to decorate with your grandmother's things.


  2. They are SO pretty! What a nice find. And, I must say to your husband, yes-his car must be a girl and don't laugh, those jeeps are pretty valuable!

  3. How wonderful to find unexpected "gifts" from Granny; I love it when that happens. It's like they are sending you something special, even though they aren't here anymore!
    Does hubby have a name for "her"? A friend's hubby used to have a red sports car back in the 80's named "Jennifer" after Loni Anderson's WKRP character; men!

  4. Ooohhh...very nice! I love vintage Christmas Ornies...I like the glass bulbs in those.

    I named one of my trucks once. His name was Eddie (after one of my high school friends who didn't like to get up in the mornings, like my truck)...he had a funny personality. My other cars never "talked" to me, so I didn't name them. LOL!

  5. What an exciting FIND! When I moved into my 1940's cottage I scoured the attice hoping to find some cool stuff....but, alas...I didn't find anything. Those are even MORE special because you know they were you Grandmother's, and not to mention the "panty" box..LOL!!

  6. I love Christmas corsages. There is just something so sweet about them and the time they were worn.


  7. You are so fortunate to have found those beauties! I would have fallen over myself. I forget things I have. But nothing that good has turned up!

  8. Hello Lorilee!

    You have such a sweet blog! Love your aprons, chickens, baby bat, vintage ornaments and your beet recipe! My mother loved beets! I will try your recipe!

    Have a wonderful week!


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