Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken sitting and seed gathering!

As I went to give the girls a treat, they hurried to the gate! They really wanted out,so I let them into the garden. They scratched around having a great time. Then they started a dust bath. I have never actually seen them do this before, although I know that they like to.
Ethel sure was making the dirt fly!
Aretha is really getting into it too!

A fuzzy butt view!
I heard a flock of birds start twittering as if something had startled them out in the pasture behind our yard. The girls heard it too! Ethel headed for the safety of Cackleberry Cottage!

Aretha wasn't far behind. I guess Oprah was not in the mood for a dust bath today.

While I was chicken sitting, I decided to gather some seeds from some of my plants. (I stay very close to the girls if they are out of their run since the bobcat took Lucy.) I gathered seeds from 2 different colors of Gomphrena (Bi-color rose and strawberry, I think) The other seeds are Maximillian sunflower, marigolds, and Aggie Cotton.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Hi Lorilee :)

    That is so cute!!! I just LOVE your chickens :)

    The post about your ornaments was wonderful! I did the same kind of post not knowing about yours. Oh and thank you so much for sharing the old bulbs from your grandmother. I have some of those too and now I know what to do with them ;)


  2. I love these little girls! There names alone make me smile. I cracked up over that picture of the fluffy butt.


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