Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Frenzy of Projects!

I mailed out the invitations to the cookie party that my sister-in-law and I have each year--well this is the 5th year! So I guess I better get busy on the prizes and favors, not to mention the menu and MY cookies to exchange!

Oh yes, and I need 32 mini stockings for my Pre-K students. I better get busy cutting out and sewing those!

Don't look so forlorn, Honey. I will have time for a belly rub soon! You are getting to lounge on the one and only quilt that I have made!
I have made aprons as prizes for the "Most Spirited Outfit" and the "Best Presentation of Cookies" each year. I decided to try one of these patterns this year. Can you tell that my least favorite part of sewing is searching for the pieces for the apron that I am cutting out? I prefer to dig through them ONE time.

Back to those stockings. They are sewn. The "cuff" is just a strip of felt hot-glued around the top. Time for a break to admire the pedicure I gave myself the other evening.

Meg at Whatever posted a wonderful gift idea. She made crayons with silicone letter molds that are meant for baking. I was wandering through Target and found a Christmas silicone mold. I tried these this evening. I think they are precious! My sweety was even impressed when I showed them to him! Thanks Meg!

I am also finished with my students' stockings. They will hold a crayon (if I can get enough made!) and a wooden spinning top that flips over as it spins. The stocking is a great size for a Christmas tree ornament. I have been making these for 23 years. I started out making them for my oldest son's cub scout group. I made them the colors of each years uniform kerchief.

I have started the prize aprons. In the past, I made Christmas aprons. I decided to make "anytime" aprons this year! Well, I fell in love with this fabric and decided to make "anytime" aprons!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. You are so sweet and generous to go to the trouble and time of making handmade gifts for all your students! Those aprons are gorgeous, are they difficult to make? It seems all women, at least the ones I know, love aprons. Even if they don't wear them, they like the memories of aprons from seeing their grandmas and moms in them. Plus it's such a great way to display pretty fabrics!

  2. You are so creative Lorilee, I love the stockings, the crayons and the aprons! What lovely ideas!!!

  3. My oh My you sure were busy last week! :) What fun!

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!


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