Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas Day

Brian was camera shy on Christmas morning. I don't think he had fixed his hair!
The guys found these pants in their stockings!

Dustin had gotten a bow at the Renfaire(early Christmas gift). He received arrows, arm guard and target under the tree. He is proud of his Bull's Eye.

We had an English themed Christmas Day. Breakfast was Apple Scones. Dinner was Rib Roast with Roasted Potatoes, Peas with Pearl Onions and Yorkshire Puddings-recipes from Martha Stewart Living magazine. Dessert was an assortment of cookies from our Cookie Exchange. (Due to technical difficulties with photos, the Cookie Exchange post is yet to come!)


  1. What fine looking young men your boys are. It looks like you had a great christmas. Glad you were able to enjoy our mild texas winter weather as I did.

  2. Yum....the Christmas feast looks delicious! I love the "pants" on the Men....I can see ya'll have a divided family (Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper)....I like them both myself! LOL!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. It's so nice to have family close by. My grandpa was a farmer and I remember my cousins helping with the haying. Big muscles from throwing those big bales on the truck...Hard work for not much money, that's farming. Mimi

  4. Was interesting to see your English Themed dinner. Just incase you would like to compare ours consisted of toasted bacon sandwiches in the morning. Dinner was a prawn cocktail starter followed by a three bird roast, turkey, chicken and duck. With roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts (a must have in a traditional English Christmas dinner) with lashings of gravy and chocolate yule tide log for dessert. To me being born and bred in Cheshire, England that is our traditional Christmas dinner lol


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