Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Backyard!

My backyard was busy this weekend. The birdbath was at full capacity! I was enjoying some photography through the window.
Brian is enjoying the warm day. Hmmm, is he laughing at those sparrows in the birdbath?
He sure seems to be enjoying himself!

I think he has the charm turned on high!

Yeah, he is definitely putting on the cool.

What's this all about?

Aha, enough said!
Ya'll Come Back,


  1. Ah, yes. Adolescence. I remember when my girls went through that. But it was years ago. Can barely recall when I went through it though!

  2. I knew there had to be one girl - I didn't guess there would be three! LOL
    Love the stocking on the doors idea - wish I had thought of that when my kiddos were little.

  3. Ha ha, loved the post Lorilee! You really got me wondering as I scrolled down. Very sweet indeed.

  4. Hi Lorilee :)

    He's so cute, no wonder he has a gaggle of girls there ;)

    The sparrows in the birdbath cracked me up! I've never seen that many in one bath at one time.

    Your cottage looks darling and I especially love the crocheted tree your mom made :)


  5. For the past few days, maybe a week, I've not been able to see your blog. I can see that it's a new post but when I click on it it just showed the header. I'm glad it's fixed. I do remember those days of teenage boys and girls. Enjoy them. They go by fast. Mimi

  6. Definite teenaged boy! I noticed the wagon wheels on the swing-what a good idea!

  7. LOL birds having a pool party... too cute. As for Brian, well I can see why there are three girls there. I remember when my son would go out to wash his car and all of a sudden there would be a parade of girls taking a walk...LOL.


  8. He doesn't know how lucky he is. I never got to do that kind of thing when I was his age! :)


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