Thursday, December 25, 2008

At Grandma's in the country!

Christmas Eve is always spent at Grandma Bessie's house! When the feasting is done and gifts have been opened, the outdoors usually calls. Paw Paw and Brian have been out here awhile. Where could they be?

Ah, there they are on the next hill. It looks like the cattle have been fed.

The feed shed looks the same as always!

The haybarn never changes! Oh, the fun we had hiding among the haybales as children! Round bales aren't nearly as much fun as the traditional bales! But they ARE easier to feed!

The Chili Petin is lending a Christmas touch to the barnyard!

Paw Paw and Brian are heading home.

I love old barns and fences!

What could Dustin be contemplating?

And what is Paw Paw inspecting?

Where are those Eurasian Doves flying? And WHAT could Brian be texting?

GASP! How did that Deere get on the Zetor?

Who could have done such a thing to the Zetor?

We must inspect her closely for those Deere! None must escape!

This looks like the work of Uncle Brandon and Willie! Payback for the Zetor patch on that John Deere Cap!

Ya'll Come Back!


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