Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm still NOT decorating!

I couldn't bear the thought of putting up my Christmas lights with a weedy flowerbed, so on Saturday afternoon, I spent several hours pulling weeds. MUCH better now. I can acutally see my plants.
I adore the way my dwarf Nandina 'Firepower' changes from the spring and summer bright green to the deep red!

I will be sad when the first good frost kills back my Blue Daze!

This plant is called Maltese Cross. This one was well over 8 feet tall until I came out one day to find it broken! I was so sad. I put the top piece into a pot of dirt, and it rooted. The rest of the plant started growing new leaves all up and down the stems that had preciously lost their leaves. I was so happy. I had not had much luck rooting this plant in the past!
I also decided to re-organize my mixing cart. I took my bread machine off since it no longer works! Let's see, my flowerbed is ready for lights, and I am all organized for Christmas baking! I did manage to get the Christmas boxes out of the attic with the assistance of my son and his friend! Let the decorating begin!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. If I could only have one shrub, I think it would be Nandina; they are so amazing the way they change color!
    Dang, girl, you've got a rolls royce of a baking cart! I can already smell the bread baking.

  2. That maltese cross is awesome! The garden bed looks good too.

  3. You've got a green thumb and I understand about the weeding thing! THAT's why I only have decorations inside to far...LOL! Also, love your blog...I'll be back! Susan

  4. The frost last night killed off my Blue Daze, I'm fairly certain! So sad too!

  5. Hi Lorilee, This is my fist visit to your blog and I LOVE it. Your mixing cart idea is great. The perfect place to keep all your baking tools handy.
    Love the pictures of your family too...:)
    Biggest Hugs,

  6. If only I had a baking/mixing cart like that, I just know I could be the worlds best pastry chefette..:)


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