Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pickling Beets instead of decorating for Christmas!

For some reason,as I get older, more memories from my childhood seem to surface! Of course, I can't remember what happened yesterday either! My latest memories of eating meals at my Grandma and Grandpas's house, brought a craving for pickled beets. That is the only place I ever ate them! I did some surfing on the internet! I talked to Grandma Bessie on the phone about her beets. I decided I was ready to make my own! It is not hard, just potentially messy! I was very careful not to leave drips on my counters! Of course I wore an apron (not a pretty one, but a "serious cooking" apron that is reserved for cake decorating and mustang jelly making)

I only ended up with 2 1/2 jars. I didn't want to make a big batch of something that didn't taste right! I have alreay eaten the 1/2 jar since I didn't seal it! YUMMY. I just used beets (of course) onion, pickling salt, sugar, vinegar (regular not pickling) and water. I didn't use the spices that some recipes used. My Grandma said she didn't use them!
I shared the cooked peels and ends with the girls! Wouldn't it be cool to get pink yolks in the eggs!
I promise the Christmas boxes REALLY are out of the attic. The artificial tree is even assembled! I just have't been home enough with enough energy left to do any other decorating! My sweety put up the tree! Oh, I did wrap lights around two of my tomato cages (turned upside down) I have them on each side of the entrance to the veggie garden behind the barn.
Ya'll Come Back Now!


  1. You just have to let me know if this causes pink yolks. I will so be giving beets to my egg lady.

  2. Well, somebody has to eat beets I suppose - might as well be you and not me! LOL I want to see pictures if you have pink eggs!

  3. I LOVE pickled beets; same reason as you gave... I ate the ones my grandma put up from the garden. I found some decent ones in cans at WalMart (not grandmas, but they'll do). They are the WalMart Great Value brand. My grandma used clove and cinnamon I think, because hers were spicier.
    She also pickled peaches in the summer, did you ever eat any pickled peaches? I always say I am going to try them, but never get to it. THere is such a small window of opportunity with the peaches, as they are in season for such a short time.

  4. I love thispost, and how creatively you started it! Yes, the older we get the closer we seem to get to our past... that's the beauity of treasuring memories...

    Have a lovely day


  5. Love pickled beets...and almsot anything else pickled. Did you ever have pickled watermelon rind? It's selicious..and another "old timey" thing. :)

  6. Hi Lorilee :)

    I've never canned anything in my life, but you make it sound really easy, maybe I'll try sometime. I hope you get those pink eggs ;)


  7. !!! No recipe?

    I have family members that love pickled beets...would you share? You can email if you'd like, or just post it here! Puhleease?

  8. I used a recipe from www.PickYourOwn.org/pickledbeet.htm
    I adapted to using less beets and did not use the cinnamon, cloves or allspice because my Grandmother said that she did not use them.
    Pickles Beets
    7 to 8 lbs of beets
    4 cups of vinegar (5% acidity)
    1 1/2 teaspoons canning or pickling salt
    2 cups sugar
    2 cups water
    2 cinnamon sticks
    12 whole cloves-about 1 tsp.
    12 allspice nuts(whole) 1 tsp.
    4 to 6 onions

    The website has 7 pages of detailed directions and photos.


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