Monday, November 24, 2008

Back in Time-the characters!

The family took a trip back in time to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend. The weather was wonderful! We didn't sweat a drop! (Remember, we are in south Texas). This lass was making brooms!

These lads are blacksmiths. (You could probably figure that out!)

I loved the way the faire goers would decorate the wagons and strollers for their lads and lasses!
Hmm, I think I see the friar.

This faery appears to be guarding a fallen swordsman!

Obviously someone of importance! Perhaps 'tis the Queen with her escorts.
Oh, my I hope the Barbarians aren't invading!
The bellydancers are very friendly with this Centaur.

Entertainers from distant lands.

Fan dancing!

Exotic performers.

What a treat! A "Cast in Bronze" performance. "The Spirit of the Bells" plays the only mobile carillon in existence! It consists of 35 bells weighing a total of 4 tons! (from ) In 1480, a musical instrument of cast bronze bells was created and became known as the carillon. Located in lofty bell towers, the instrument and its players were hidden from sight, making the carillon one of the world's best kept secrets. Thirty-five years ago 35 bronze bells were placed on a mobile carillon frame by a Dutch bell foundry and sent to America.

The Mud Wrestling Beggars were hilarious!

This young fairgoer was a scene stealer!
The Falconers' Stage featured a delightful demonstration of birds.

I experienced camera lens envy when I saw this man! I'll share more of the music and merriment soon!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Ooohhh...that Mud Wrestling Beggar seems to be giving you a mischievous eye! Did he throw you down into the mud?!

  2. What fun! Some day I'm going to go and enjoy!


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