Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Football Game!

My son's Middle School football teams had their last games on Tuesday evening. Brian plays on the "B" team. They lost 26-0. It was so sad! They had previously only lost one game all season. Brian did make quite a few great tackles, but they had several key players unable to play (injuries and grades!). The "A" team won their game. Brian is # 77 with his gear over his shoulder.
He definitely looks defeated! Sorry for the "pit" view! I am always sad to see football season end. I enjoy watching when I know the players!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Enjoy every minute with those kids. Before you know it they're out on their own! Mimi

  2. My son played High School football and it was such a let down when he played his last game of his senior year! Oh how I looked forward to those games! I wondered what in the world we'd do on Friday Nights! Those were such wonderful wonderful happy times!


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