Friday, November 14, 2008

Doggy Adventures!

OH OH look what I see sneaking some sunflower seed! Here puppies! Get the squirrel!

Aw, he went higher in the tree! That fluffy tail sure looks like fun!

Come on squirrel. Come out of that tree! We just look like freshly bathed and pampered poodles! We're really tough canines!

Pretty, Pretty Please with sunflowers on top! I think he's snickering.

Are you sure he's still up there?

I think he went that way! And no, I don't have a short attention span!

Ya'll Come Back!

Honey and Lexi


  1. Don't those squirrels just seem to delight in torturing the pets? They get in the birdbath just outside the breakfast nook bay window where the kitties sit on the window seat and just drive them nuts!

  2. What a sweet face your dog has. My Charlie goes crazy when he sees a squirrel through the window. That's how he broke it, banging his head against it in aggravation!

  3. These are the most adorable photos! They really put a smile on my face! Patti


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