Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Hunt Continues

After looking around the swimming hole, we returned to the mule to continue to the deer blinds.

Good Luck Devin! He is heading to Grandma Barb's stand located in a tree. It is my favorite in good weather because you can see all around! It is not so lovely in rainy weather since it is just a platform with railings!

I love this grass. It is beautiful on a frosty moonlit night.

Brian parked the mule. He is using his phone to make video to show his friend the place! We continued to the blind on foot.
Here we are! Notice the fancy steps made of logs! This is a perfect blind for cold or rainy weather since it is the most cozy!

There WAS a blind located here until the tree fell on it!
Nice and cozy with shelves for our supplies(phones, camera, binoculars, flashlight)

As the shadows lengthen, we know the deer should be coming soon! Brian and I saw the same deer that Devin and I saw in the morning. The doe with the yearling came out first. It was entertaining watching the fawn trying to nurse. The mother was obviously trying to wean it! Later the doe with the nubbin buck also came to eat.
As darkness fell, we packed our supplies and walked back to the mule. The moon and evening star were visible as the sun set. (Pardon my lack of a tripod. The moon was actually a sliver of a crescent.)
Ya'll Come Back Now!

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  1. I love the Mule, but the deer blind is a bit too primitive! I'd have to stay at camp and keep the coffee brewing.


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