Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Blustery Day!

This morning, I awoke to hear the deep mellow tones of my wind chimes. I knew it was a blustery day! I love that word, Blustery!

The neighbors' palm trees were waving to and fro.

The wind was humming and whistling through the fence wire. It tried to yank gates and doors from my hands.

It really ruffled Oprah's feathers.

Sunney the squirrel didn't mind the wind. He was back for more sunflower seeds! This time he made it to the power line pole. Honey won't let him forget she's the top dog of this yard!

Sunney just wished I would take the dogs back inside so he could finish his meal! I was ready to go back in. The wind was cold eventhough I was wearing my favorite second-hand moth eaten coat!

I probably should have taken the time to get dressed in some jeans!

BBRRRRR! Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I HAD to laugh at you in your coat, with bare legs sticking out. That was much like me at 5am when I took Chili out for his morning potty! We were both shivering by the time we got back inside.

  2. I never really consider the cold. Guess I'm one cantankerous old broad. I just go out in short sleeves and rarely even feel it. I've seen the various squirrels burying their bounty around here too.


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