Monday, November 10, 2008

Washing Machine Woes!

Important appliances NEVER break during the week! Mine always seem to bite the dust on Saturday or Sunday afternoons! Heh, heh, maybe that is because that is when I use them! My just over 10-year-old washer washed its last load on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, it didn't quite finish the job. The clothes were still sopping wet and soapy! We went shopping! We found a great deal on a floor model with $ off for a few scratches. Excitedly, we brought it home, hooked it up and started the wet clothes on a rinse and spin cycle. It stopped mid-cycle and refused to budge. Even several calls to customer assistance didn't help. They gave us the number of a repair person. It just doesn't seem right to have to have a brand new appliance "fixed". My husband went shopping again as stores were closing. I had to start supper and get in back to work on Monday mode! He came home with this beauty. The other washer went back to the store on Monday.
It has glowing reviews on the internet. We are very pleased so far. Of course, I was thrilled just to get the original load rinsed and spun! The spin cycle is awesome. My guys were really impressed with those RPMs. They were sitting in my laundry "closet" watching it go!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Good luck with your new washer. I would like a new one, just waiting for the one I have to stop washing!!!
    Your dog sure looked like she had fun! She cleans up real well!
    Um Starbucks, I always get a hot coffee. Everything else is a bit pricey and full of unwanted calories. However, they are sure tastey.

  2. Good thing alls well that ends well. Mimi

  3. LOL. When we got our front loader the hubby and I sat on the floor in the laundry room and watched the whole first load. Yep - we have some wild Friday nights around here.
    Doesn't matter what day of the week it is around here when the washer goes on the fritz - no one in this dinky town will work on front loaders - the middle kidlet (who is 24) has fixed it for me several times. I'm going to be in real trouble when that kid finally leaves the nest - not much he can't fix!

  4. At our house, the bathroom sinks typically choose to clog up on a Friday NIGHT. Fun fun fun!

  5. I seem to have a war with my washing machine. My husband picked it out almost two years ago. (The whole reviews thing with guys.) It's one of those top loading machines with no thing in the middle (can't remember what it's called...menopause.) But when I do big things like the bed quilt, which should be a no-brainer with this thing, it ends up with UL flashing, which means unbalanced load. I think the whole washing machine is simply like me and a little unbalanced to begin with... I wish you luck with yours.

  6. Wow, nice washer. It's hard to believe a washer is now more than I paid for my first car. I've heard they are really quiet too.


  7. washing machines and me dont mix either. when I buy one it goes wrong, so then 10 years ago I started renting, well I had the same machine for ten years with no problems, but have now upgraded to a newer style. typical.


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